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Thread: Upgrade from Maestro IR Wireless

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    Upgrade from Maestro IR Wireless


    I currently have the Maestro IR Wireless dimmer (MIR-600M) installed in my living room, main switch (with IR) placed across from seating area and companion dimmer switch (no IR, forgot model number) by the entrance to the room. I was in the process of switching the bulb from a halogen to LED, but found that the Maestro system can't dim LED bulbs properly (LED bulb remains very dim but still on even when switched to "off" state).

    I'd like to be able to use LED & CFL bulbs, so I did some research and am considering the Caseta wireless system as an upgrade to the Maestro, but I do have a couple questions:

    1. Is the Maestro companion dimmer compatible with the Caseta wireless system? Meaning, if I replace the main Maestro IR dimmer with the Caseta wireless, can I still use the Maestro companion switch to dim/switch on/switch off (NOTE: this companion switch does NOT have any remote control capabilities). If not, which model companion dimmer would you recommend?
    2. Is the Caseta wireless dimmer IR compatible? I haven't been able to visually locate an IR sensor on any images of the dimmer, but am curious if there is any adapter or device to accommodate IR control functionality, since I currently have the Maestro dimmer to my Harmony IR remote.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

    Oh yeah...I'm also open to keeping my current setup, if there's any way to just do some sort of upgrade for CFL/LED dimming compatibility ONLY, since it'll save me money. ;)

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    The Caseta dimmer does not have a remote like the Maestro, you would need a Pico in place of the remote. Caseta is an RF dimmer only, so no IR commands. I believe the Harmony remote can talk to Caseta via the Smart Bridge Pro, or similar hub like the Staples Connect- giving you the functionality back.
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