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Thread: Reverse Phase Ceseta?

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    Reverse Phase Ceseta?


    I am currently installing 45 recessed LEDs in my home (Consumer Electric T67's found at Home Depot).

    My plan is to put 8 lights (in the living room) on a single dimmer, hopefully a Caseta, with a Pico installed on another wall as a 3-way, as well as an additional Pico for remote use. I would also put a similar setup in 2 bedrooms, which would have 4 lights per room.

    After reading many reports of these particular lights "buzzing" when dimmed, I'm looking for a Reverse Phase dimmer, but am attracted to the Caseta as I'd like to use a SmartBridge and control the lights from a phone.

    Is there a reverse phase control based Caseta dimmer? If not, what other products should I look in to? I was also considering the Maestro Wireless (if there is reverse phase model) but can't find whether the SmartBridge supports Maestro.

    At this point I've spent almost $2,000 on the lights and am more inclined to select a different dimmer (which I haven't purchased yet) than to return/exchange all the lights.

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    I used a lot of TCP LED bulbs, and they had least buzz out of all LEDs I have tried so far. And that was on several different forward phase dimmers - actually, these bulbs work worse on reverse phase dimmer. I would say return your lights and look for a better ones.

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    There will be a solution coming after LightFair. Should see an official Lutron solution after that.
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    Excellent. I've been thinking there were probably going to be some more releases as the Caseta product line seems pretty new.

    I can't wait to see what is announced.

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