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Thread: Honeycomb Triathlon -- Fabric double sided?

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    Honeycomb Triathlon -- Fabric double sided?

    I'm trying to figure out if some the Honeycomb Triathlon fabrics come in the same color for both front and back. The samples I have for Monaco, Rio and Prague all seem to have a white back side.

    Are there any fabrics offered that have the same color on both sides? Perhaps the blackout ones?

    Also, I'm trying to figure out what other differences there are between the Monaco and Rio lines.. I heard the Rio line headers are made of aluminum instead of vinyl/plastic. I was also hoping the fabric would be the same color on both sides. Thank you.

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    All the Honeycomb fabrics in Triathlon arte dual sided, and white on the back. This helps reflect heat and increases the insulative efficiency of the shade. There are no options in Triathlon that are the same color front and back.

    The blackout fabrics will add the aluminized coating inside the cells, which also increases the R value while blocking all light.

    Rio fabrics are nicer in general, with better "hand" to the fabric and different construction. Rio fabrics when comparing apples to apples with Monaco will be more expensive. The SCT will determine the headrail material. I believe most have gone to aluminum, but am not sure on this.
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