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Thread: RRA2 with Somfy RTI interface

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    RRA2 with Somfy RTI interface

    Somfy interface with RRA2 is erratic and will not operate shades reliably. RTI using a repeater. Also, sometimes I need to push a Lutron control button up to three times to trigger an action to raise or lower shades.
    Any ideas?

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    Can you confirm what command that RTI is sending to the Radio Ra2 system?

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    I also have an installation running RRA2 and RTS.

    Are you using the Somfy RTS Connect? If so, did you use the right RTS programming command for the RRA2 button (Single or Sequence)?

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    We have had the same problem. The irtsy (I am assuming this is what you are using) and the RA2 clear connect conflict with each other. We have proven this on several different jobs, each time confirming with a RS232 data logger that the button press triggers an event by RTI, the macro sends the command to the irtsy (and the irtsy lights flash, meaning it is sending to the shades) but the shades don't move. RTI sending the exact same Somfy command without a Lutron button press works perfectly each time.

    With the understanding that the wireless signals were cancelling each other out, we were able to put a delay in the RTI macro before the Somfy commands and it worked perfectly.

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