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Thread: Slight Buzzing for Philips 452268 BR30 65W bulbs

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    Angry Slight Buzzing for Philips 452268 BR30 65W bulbs

    I just installed the Lutron DVCL-153P-WH Diva Dimmable CFL/LED Dimmer for my basement with 5 Philips BR30 LED bulbs and I am now noticing a slight buzz in each of the lights.
    I have been reading your forums and I see that most of the time it is because I am using an incompatible LED bulb for this dimmer. The reason I bought this particular dimmer is because people on Amazon were saying they purchased this exact model for the Philips 452268 BR30 and it works great. Now, I don't know if those people are deaf or what, but that buzzing is annoying.

    These bulbs say they are compatible with "most" dimmers, I guess yours isn't one of them.

    The information I could not find on your product page is whether or not these are using a zero-cross detection dimmer type of technology or just a regular chopper circuit??? I have been told that the proper way is to have a zero-cross detection dimmer, which uses 3-wires besides the ground to hookup (not a 3-way switch), the third being a common. I did not have this third wire in my existing light switch, but I am wondering if your dimmer supports that.

    The second question is will this buzz damage my 5 LED bulbs or the dimmer switch itself? Is there any type of fire hazard with this?
    I need to know this so I can make a decision to return your product or maybe the LED lights themselves.

    Thank you.

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    Good morning Donnie,

    We have conducted compatibility testing on the Philips 9290011117 and did not notice any buzzing during this time. We have a report card, link below, for this LED product which mentions that the results we posted will apply to bulbs manufactured Nov 2014 or later. Do you happen to know when the bulbs were manufactured?

    All of our dimming controls, whether they monitor the zero cross or not, chop up the waveform. Our controls turn on and off 120 times a second and based upon the on time you will get different intensities. The type of dimming control that you have is known as a forward phase control, due to the type of dimming signal it provides to the lighting load. A forward phase signal is off for the first part of the line cycle and then turns on instantly to where ever the line voltage is currently at; at half dim it could cycle between 0v and 120v. This type of dimming signal can introduce spikes on the line which is referred to as repetitive peak. The higher the spike on the line, the more likely hood you can experience buzzing bulbs.

    One way to help reduce the chances of buzzing LEDs is installing a reverse phase dimming control. This type of dimmer will turn on and ramp up with your line voltage and turn off the last portion of the cycle. Since this dimming signal slowly ramps up, you will not create repetitive peak. However, all reverse phase dimmers require a neutral connection and will cost more than a standard dimmer. These types of control monitor the zero cross in order to ensure that they turn on at the same point on each line cycle. Reverse phase dimmers are more commonly referred to as ELV dimming controls.

    The buzzing is more of an annoyance then any type of hazard.

    In the event that you are locked into this LED, we would suggest contacting Philips and asking them for a list of dimming control that they have found to be compatible and not to cuase buzzing.

    If selecting another LED is an option, please select another LED product listed on our LED selection tool. The tool can be found at and will provide you with the most up to date compatible LED products that we can recommend for our dimming controls.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Report Card for 9290011117:

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