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Thread: Polling devices on the Illuminations bus ?

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    Question Polling devices on the Illuminations bus ?

    Hello Lutron staff and installers,

    I have been wondering if one could issue periodical commands Illuminations processors to determine if everything was still in place.

    Let me elaborate : we are now in charge of a residence with 8 or 9 panel locations across the house. Every now and then a breaker will trip and one WPM or something will disappear from the buses. Now if we can be informed by some local machine performing something similar to the system diagnostic let's say every hour or so, we can call the guy who's in charge of, well, the breakers. Instead of getting a call, removing in, doing a test etc.

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    You could always buy a data logging kit. They offer kits for monitoring CT (current transformers) soon as a line goes below a specific amperage you could get an email. That would inform you a crkt has been tripped or turned off or voltage sensor but they cost more then the CT so depends on how many individual corks you want to monitor

    You could use something like this and not only could you offer to monitor the lighting control but many other things in the residence

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    My idea was to connect to the processor over telnet, and issue the equivalent, if any, of the QS command for listing devices.

    Then it's a "simple" question of keeping track.

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    The diagnostic mode of the terminal can detect keypads, grafik and wpm units, MIs, so there IS a way to do that from the console.

    Is that secret ?

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