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Thread: Maestro Wireless MRF2-6CL with Philips Warm Glow

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    Maestro Wireless MRF2-6CL with Philips Warm Glow

    I have a single pole light fixture that is controlled by a Maestro Wireless (MRF2-6CL) and Pico remote. I recently replaced all three 60 watt incandescent bulbs for the fixture with Philips 9.5 watt Warm Glow LED bulbs (model 9290011117). The bulbs are listed as compatible in the following document ( on page 64.

    The issue I am experiencing is that one out of the three bulbs will always barely remain on when turned off. It's not always the same bulb that remains on, but there is always one. Is there anything I can do to have the lights turn off properly?

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    Pete F.
    kalco, thank you for your post and i apologize for the delay in response. The MRF2-6CL is a digital control. Because of this, there is no mechanical relay inside which turns the lights on and off. As a digital control, there is a very small amount(.15w) of electrical current that runs through the circuit when the lights are off. Some LEDs react to this current by dimmly glowing in the off-state. There is no safety concern with this happening, but there are ways to stop this from happening. The first would be to add a more resistive load, like an incandescent bulb, to this lighting circuit. This will help to absorb that leakage current and stabilize the circuit. We have found this to be very effective. You could also try a non-digital CL dimmer, such as the DVCL-153P. However, using a different dimmer will prevent you from using a remote control. I hope that this information has been helpful.

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