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Thread: Tab/pulldown menu resizing

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    Angry Tab/pulldown menu resizing

    Why cant we resize the tabs on the right pane? There is plenty of room to the right for this. Problem is when you have an item in the tab that has a pulldown menu, the items in the pulldown can have labels that are too long so you cant pick the right one without guessing:
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    Also same behavior in the "logic" area below the tabs:
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    But oddly enough in that area if you select something that is a longer length than what the pulldown shows, and you go to change that one item, it will now show the same pulldown menu but it is wider to show the complete item length (i guess its getting its cue from the already selected item):
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is frustrating that we cannot do a simple tab resize. Also I have noticed that the "Actions" I enter for my Conditional type buttons will resort their order on their own sometimes, and sometimes they will stay in the order I enter them. Sometimes you can navigate away and come back and the entered order is restored, sometimes it takes closing and reopening the program.

    I really miss using Illumination as it didnt have these (and many other) annoying program issues, but now for shades I have no choice.

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    Thank you for this feedback.

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    Agreed. The sizing of these fields is also a problem on the design tab- while those tabs can be resized, they go back to the default after navigating to a new view. I would like to see software updates that address these user interface issues- QS has a bunch of cool features but it's odd that it can be harder to use than illumination or even Ra2. Wallbox Activation in Ra2 is far easier than QS- if QS simply handled activation like Ra2 I'd be really happy.

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    +1 to that!

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    Also have noticed the pulldowns are not shown wide enough when the pulldown extends below the bottom of the screen. As soon as it is reduced in length the pulldown width seems to expand to the right fully showing the items within. Please fix this!!!!

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    thank you for this feedback

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