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Thread: HomeWorks Illumination

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    HomeWorks Illumination

    Looking for help on replacing a defective HRD-6ND in an old illumination system. I remember I will have to go to the terminal screen and connect to the processor but can't remember much beyond that! I know that there is a process to remove the old device from the system but what is it... and what's next??

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    This is fairly straightforward, but worth a review.

    First, you will need the current project. Open the project and go to the 'Address Assignment"' page.
    Then chose the correct processor (if you have more than one) and go to link 8:1 (RF Dimmer...).
    Find the old dimmer by it's location. Remove the serial number and replace it with the serial number of the new device.
    Click on the barcode icon near the top of the page to go to System Check. Hit 'Start' to begin the check.
    It will then take you to device addressing, and should prompt you to auto-address.
    If successful, click 'Save and Exit', then upload the project.
    If not successful, go to 'Help' at top of the page and look at section 1.6.5
    If you still have questions, give Tech Support a call at 1-800-523-9466.

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