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Thread: Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview

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    New user here. Downloaded v8.5 yesterday to Windows 10. It installed and launched with no errors. (Restarted after install.)

    However when I tried to create my first project it shoed progress from 0% to 100% and then hung, never taking me to the project settings page.

    Mac/Parallels running up-to-date clean install Win10. I then launched Win7 from Parallels and installed the same exe on Win7. It installed correctly and functioned properly without crashing. I can work in Win7 for this project as I'm used to jumping between OS's, but of course I'd prefer to have everything work in Win10.

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    I tried opening my client file on Windows 10 rather than creating a new file. Initially it opened properly but with quite a bit of spinning wheel happening after it opened and while changing from window to window. I closed it and tried to reopen a second time and it froze similar to above. Restarted Windows 10 and tried again to open the client file and this time it froze without successfully opening. Ideas anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armando B. View Post
    Thank you for this feedback. What error are you seeing when you try to submit engraving? Any chance you can provide a screenshot?
    Tried again with a new order : message says it couldn't generate document because of rights, and that I should run it as admin. Did that, and it worked. Or so it seems.

    No, I didn't think about getting a screen cap.

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    Hi guys
    I'm booked on the homework's programming course next month and all my Laptops run windows 10!!
    am I best downgrading one of them to an earlier windows version! or maybe just run parallels on one of my mac books?
    Thanks in advance

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    I have been using the RadioRA software with Windows 10 for a while now and everything has been working fine. I imagine it was just older versions of the Lutron software that had issues.

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    Designer 8 to 10 work perfectly under windows, well, 8 to 10 ?

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