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Thread: Need ideas, dimming 72 recessed

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    Need ideas, dimming 72 recessed

    Hello all, new member, electrician in south Fl.

    I have been tasked with the design of dimming 72 0-10 Prescolite LF4LEDG4 recessed luminaires from 2 locations. After surfing Lutron's site I see there are many options. Could I get some suggestions on the most cost effective way to proceed here?

    Thanks all.

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    Good morning Chris,

    Prescolite is an OEM partner of ours that can install our UL recognized LED Drivers into their fixtures. We would be able to control our LTE(2wire), our L3D(3wire/Ecosystem) and other manufacturers 0-10V dimming Drivers. Below is a list of controls that we would be able to recommend depending upon which Driver is installed into the fixture.

    Lutron LTE 2wire Driver:

    Lutron L3D 3wire/Ecosystem Driver:

    Other manufacturers 0-10V Driver:

    Single pole only
    NFTV with PP-DV relay(16A)
    DVTV with PP-DV relay(16A)
    NTSTV-DV rated up to 8A without need for PP-DV relay(16A)

    Single pole or 3way
    DVSTV rated up to 8A without need of PP-DV relay
    MS-Z101 rated up to 8A
    3iwre dimmer like a DVF-103P and a GRX-TVI 0-10V interface
    RMJ-5T-DV-B dimming module and a PJ2-3BRL-Gxx-L01 Pico remote control

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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