I have a few different jobs under construction running 7.4. There is no LAN at these jobs so I bring an older Linksys combo router/switch/wap that I use for setup purposes. I brought this setup to both sites the past 2 days and I FEEL LIKE I'm experiencing wifi problems with 7.4 that I haven't seen with earlier revs. No firewall or antivirus on my PC as I know that causes problems. Both jobs have 2 processors setup as DHCP. Both jobs I connect 1 proc to the router, then daisy chain to the 2nd proc.
When checking procs in activate/processors, one or both of the procs will drop offline. refreshing can result in the other offline, or both offline. Yesterday when things got bad I just ran a 50' LAN cable from my PC to the router. No problems with that setup. Today at a different site I simply closed and restarted the QS software on my machine and that seemed to make things work fine.
I'm not used to seeing these sorts of problems. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a DHCP-related problem? I had no problems this week on a different jobsite running QS 6.1, using house wifi (not my linksys, and processors are NOT DHCP).