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Thread: Maestro C.L Dimmer wired with a standard 3 way switch.

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    Maestro C.L Dimmer wired with a standard 3 way switch.

    We received this question from a customer, and thought others might be interested in this topic...

    Why isn't the dimmer switching correctly at both locations?

    In most cases there is 2 reasons for this. The dimmer needs to be programmed or the standard 3 way switch needs rewired.

    For the dimmer programming refer to the section of the instructions that shows 2 fingers pushing on the Maestro.

    For the modified wiring of the standard 3 way switch refer to section 5b of the instructions.

    Instructions are attached to this post.
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    Perfect! Thank you, fixed my issue!

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    Yeah, I should have read the installation instructions as I've rewired my entire sub panel and can do just about anything in my house, but read instructions :)

    In the programming section, I think Lutron should add small text "IL1" next to the bottom LED indicator, another "IL2" for next LED up, ..., IL4 in the middle, ...
    Just $0.02.

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