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Thread: Attaching remote dimmers to LQRJ-WPM-6P?

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    Attaching remote dimmers to LQRJ-WPM-6P?

    I'm working up a design for a house, and am planning on using LQRJ-WPM-6P modules for most if not all of the dimmable loads. As I was adding devices (Inclusive SW), I attempted to attach an RD-RD to one of the loads on an WPM. Could not figure out how to do it. Is that not possible? If I need switch locations for WPM loads I have to use a keypad of some kind? That's kinda annoying where I only need one control...

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    Bump. No ideas? I guess I'll call tech support tomorrow.

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    You can not attach an RD-RD to the WPM. This only works for RRD-6CL, RRD-6NA, and RRD-10ND. You would need a keypad or Pico for the "three way".
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    Yeah, sorry. Got that word from Lutron earlier today, forgot to update the thread. Kinda a bummer, but I can deal with it. Just removed one WPM from the design and added in a few -6CLs. Not quite as cost effective, but better than adding expensive keypads. Trying not to use wall-mounted Picos unless absolutely necessary (like for some shade controls).

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