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Thread: HWQS RF devices

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    Talking HWQS RF devices

    Hi All
    So a current project grew enough that we need to add an additional RF link to support more RF wallbox devices.
    I'd like to keep the number of RF repeaters the same, so I'm reassigning 1 RF repeater out of 3 to a new processor, and moving the RF devices closest to that repeater to the new RF link on the new processor as well.
    Unfortunately, that means I need to factory reset and re-activate all the devices. Fair enough. But could you please update the QS program so the serial number of already-activated RF devices 'stick' to the devices I'm moving around? I think I can open an older version of the program to find out what the SN are and then manually input them into the new link, but I would really value QS keeping that info attached to the device until I intentionally delete the serial number.
    This is lower in priority than my request to have QS store/recall my column width preferences.

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    Thank you for this feedback.

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