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Thread: Simple bathroom remodel

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    Simple bathroom remodel

    Hi. I apologize for the simplicity of this question. It's been a hard thing to find by searching.

    I currently have two fixtures switched by two dimmable switches, the switches mounted side by side. They are Lutron. Light 1 is an LED over a bath. The other is LED tape around the vanity. The LED tape does not produce enough light, so we want to add a sconce above the vanity. I want a third switch, rather than have the new sconce switched by the dimmer that controls the LED tape.

    I'd also rather not tear up the wall for the third switch, so wireless seems like a candidate, or convert one of the two switches to a stacked dimmer.

    Re the stacked dimmer, my contractor is telling me that the stacked dimmers can't be added to the existing box (to replace one of the two dimmers in the box) because, "The problem we run up against is that the embedded led light over the tub requires a magnetic switch and the led strip behind the mirror requires an electronic switch. They are larger and special switches and don’t come in compact sizes so they need the full box."

    And I can't really tell if the wireless switch could work.

    What would your solution be to this?

    (I could rip out the LED tape that surrounds the vanity, and just use the switch that the LED tape had been using, but I kind of like the LED tape effect, so....)

    I greatly appreciate your thoughts.

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    Hello alsanmateo:

    You have 2 options:

    1) Change the magnetic dimmer for a doublé lutron dimmer, then use this MA-L3L3-WH , doublé dimmer in a one gang box, this dimmer controls direct incandescent lights and magnetic transformer lights. and you can still use the other electronic dimmer for the led strip. but may be this model is out of production.

    2) Use a Caseta lamp dimmer PD-3PCL $72 stacked near the new sconce lamp , then use a pico wireless remote control PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R $21 attacked to the Wall , like a normal Wall dimmer , but you dont need to tear up the Wall, you will need also a pico Wall box adapter PICO-WBX-ADAPT $8 and a Claro Wall plate CW1 $5´, i think this the better option to finish the work.

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