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Thread: Maestro companion dimmers and switches with QS

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    Maestro companion dimmers and switches with QS

    Had a client call the other day who has an entire home of homedepot maestro CL dimmers and companion dimmers, that and some maestro switches and companion switches. The whole darn home.. An now they want to upgrade to QS. All of the current gear is working perfectly wired up properly. This is his third Homeworks home and he wants to use the maestro companion dimmers and switches with the new QS dimmers and switches. I had demo gear with me and we compared the two units, identical. Called tech support and was told they "should" work with QS. It would be great if anyone has tried this, I would have if I had the proper dimmers but that was not the case. This is his mother's home so they are trying to keep the budget inline with the residence, it is nothing like his homes.

    Thoughts gents

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    I just finished up a Ra2 system, and while doing the install we missed an RD (Maestro, non system) in the kitchen. When I realized it wasn't a Ra2 RD I double checked... and it seemed to work fine. I did end up switching it out for the Ra2 RD just to cover my ***, but it sure seemed like the non system RD worked just fine.

    I was going to come in and post the same question, but forgot.

    If I was a betting man, I'd bet that Lutron will give you the patented "I can neither confirm nor deny that that will work". ;-)
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