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Thread: RA2 to QS Upgrade?

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    RA2 to QS Upgrade?

    We have a client with a maxed out RA2 system, (almost 200 devices). Is there any way to upgrade to Homeworks QS without replacing every device in the system? Can the RF dimmers and/or keypads be used with QS RF repeaters?



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    Short answer: no

    The Ra2 System would have to be replaced outright. I believe only a few devices: picos, occ sensors, wireless shades (tstats?) can be brought over to the QS system.

    I have been asking Lutron to come up with an upgrade license ($$$) for Ra2 to HWQS, similar to the current license upgrade path for HWI to HWQS. It doesn't seem like this is around the corner, however. You should probably check with your Rep to see what information or help they might have for you.

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