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Thread: DC ceiling fan integration?

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    DC ceiling fan integration?

    Anyone figured out a way to integrate DC ceiling fan into RA2 system? Like this fan from Casablanca -

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    Any ceiling fan which comes with its own remote control - especially one which has control over light brightness, fan speed and fan direction - are impossible to integrate unless you are:
    1. Very Clever.
    2. Willing to void the warranty on a client's fan.

    These fan manufacturers control their fans via RF (hand held remote) and sometimes via Power Line Carrier (hard-wired control). The receivers are usually hard to get to, and if you did get to them and removed them you would void the warranty. I suppose a really, really smart hacker with some expensive RF data logging receiver (to capture the the data being sent out from the remote control) could build a device which sends out the correct RF codes (data AND frequency) whenever one of several contact closure inputs are triggered on said device.

    The best thing to do (good luck!) is have the client purchase a "dumb" fan with no controls and a separate lead for the motor and one for the light. The electrician will need to run a 3-conductor (with ground) cable to the fan box.

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    I always wondered how hard it would be to integrate an Arduino with the remote - basically tear the remote down and use the Arduino to simulate button presses. Then have the Arduino talk to the RRA2 repeater via IP and listen for commands. I may end up doing something similar with an electric fireplace we're putting in the new house. I'll buy a spare remote and take it apart.

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    Regular AC fans, even with remote, are not a problem - RF module usually is easily removed, and you just connect leads from the motor to 2ANF and it works just beautifully. However these newer DC fans seems to be more of a problem.

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