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Thread: QSPS-P1-10-60 compatibility with QS wireless

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    QSPS-P1-10-60 compatibility with QS wireless

    I have a spare QSPS-P1-10-60 unit, however I'm planning on installing several new Roman Sivoia QS Wireless shades.

    Can I use the QSPS-P1-10-60 to hardwire power to the QS Wireless shades, instead of purchasing a QSPSY-P1-10-60? The only difference I can tell is that the QSPSY doesn't have communications support.

    I assume I can just connect the 2 conductor power leads for each shade to the +24 and com ports on the Device Link, leaving the MUX ports empty, and everything will still be happy. ?

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    You are correct. The QSPS-P1-10-60 will be perfectly fine as a power supply for our 24VDC QS Wireless shades. The QSPSY is offered as a slightly lower cost option for wireless shades, but if you already have a QSPS, you can definitely use it.

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