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Thread: Shades are moving at different speeds

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    Angry Shades are moving at different speeds

    I have the following case
    several adjacent rooms, in each room I have at least 3 Sivoia QS wireless shades, each shade is connected to an individual power supply and RF receiver.
    am group controlling shades in each room with separate pico remote control for every room.
    the problem am facing is that shades at different locations are moving at different speeds, at the beginning I only had 2 shades moving at different speeds, later on other shades on other rooms started to move at different speeds too.
    I tried to fix this problem by the IHA, I connected two shades with different speeds to the NWK and connected the NWK to the laptop, on the IHA software screen i can see two drives, R100 and Skylight. playing with the diameter and fabric thickness is not aligning the two shades at all, I can manage to make them move at similar speed but at the mid point one of them start to speed up and causing a difference.

    am suspecting that there are something that is causing the drives to lose its settings, not sure yet what is going on, but other than the shades are moving at different speed, some times the Pico remote control moves some shades and leave others within one room ( it was working fine before).

    It could be that there are too much RF receivers with in one area( its an underground building) or its something else.

    my last solution is to try and factory reset the drives and see if if they will move at the same speed.

    if anyone else had the same problem or have a solution, please share it with me

    in addition, am controlling the shades with Pico remote control without LED (PK-3BRL-MBL-S05) I need the programming manual to be able to set the upper and lower limits of shades from the Pico, if anyone can guide me to that manual, i would be thankful.


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    We would like to work with you on these issue through technical support. Please contact technical support at 1-800-523-9466. This shold allow us to get you a resolution much quicker.

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