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Thread: Processor connection issues

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    Processor connection issues

    If you are experiencing an issue of not being able to find the HomeWorks QS processor on the local network to be able to activate it, then the issue is most likely caused by multicasting being blocked. To help resolve this issue we would recommend directly connecting to the processor so that you can set a static IP address for the processors. Once the processors have a static IP address in the IP address range of the local network, you will be able to connect to it over the local network.

    If each processor's status is good in the activate screen, but you are unable to enter activation or do a transfer, this issue is likely caused by multicasting being blocked. To resolve this issue go into the activate screen and check the box for "Use VPN or Remote Access" and then enter the IP address of one of the processors in the system. Then click save and apply.
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    A problem I've had on some well-managed networks administered by others has been related to wifi. I could connect to the processor wired, but not wireless. My work-around was selecting 'use remote access' with the processor's ip and I could then connect via the wireless network. My guess is the IT admin setup the wifi with port 23 blocked.

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