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Thread: Backlit Engraving for RR2 ?

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    Backlit Engraving for RR2 ?


    I have a RR2 system and i would like to get my keypads engraved.

    I was told that RR2 did not have backlit engraving, only Homeworks had it.

    But I just read a Lutron document (RadioRa 2 Product Specifications 369-221c 09.02.10) that says "RadioRA 2 keypads feature large, easy-to-usebuttons, plus a unique backlit engraving option thatmakes the keypads readable any time of the dayor night".

    How can i get the backlit engraving mentioned in this document, instead of the regular engraving?

    This is the link for the document:

    Thanks in advance for you comments?

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    All keypads are back-lit. The designated button configuration turns the backlights on and off per which buttons the software thinks are there. When light colored buttons are used, the keypads are engraved with dark letters so they can be seen day and night. If the keypad color is dark, then the letters are reverse engraved. This causes the letters to light up at night with "white" letters on the colored keypad during the day. Use the software and change the colors on a keypad to determine which color buttons come with the color of keypad you want (ie, taupe buttons on the Hot/red keypad). There is no way to select the colors of the buttons, Lutron has a default for each color that cannot be changed.
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