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Thread: Programing Keypad buttons on VCRX

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    Programing Keypad buttons on VCRX

    I cannot find a way to program the keypad buttons on the VCRX. I am sure this is a newbie question but I am stuck!

    Thanks in advance

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    Are you trying to program lights and dimmers to the keypad buttons? Then select the VCRX in the pulldown menu when you are in the program tab of the software.

    If you are trying to program the keypad to a car visor transmitter, then you must use the "learn" sequence from the user manual for the VCRX.
    1- press and hold the LEARN button on the VCRX until the LED is lit solid.
    2- press and release the keypad button (or CCO button) you wish to apply to the transmitter, The keypad's LED should light solid
    3- press and hold the transmitter button you wish to use for that keypad scene until the keypad LED flashes.
    4- continue sequence 2-3 for each transmitter button and the keypad scenes
    5- press and hold learn button until LED turns off
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