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Thread: Compatibility List Automation & Security Systems?

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    Compatibility List Automation & Security Systems?

    There's an old Lutron security sell sheet out there, but the security and automation markets are moving really rapidly forward and I'm wondering if there's a current compatibility list. I've searched and only found what I mentioned above. I'm ideally looking for a system that has HomeKit compatibility, but I realize it's still early days.


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    The security system could be a good candidate of a system that could be controlled via a HomeKit bridge given that the app was demoed on the Apple watch.
    The silicon vendors are just starting to release the chips and sdk components, so it would be a while before a full fledged HomeKit compatible security system appears.

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    Six months later, has anyone seen any updates here? The main information offered by Lutron seems to be a five year old document. It just seems like there must have been some advances since then.

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