I'll start with saying it's fixed. Now sure how but here is the run down if anyone is interested.

Ra 8.2
2 androids updated to latest release
Integration to Crestron
Router is a Sonicwall

Programmed system with my cheap wifi router since house system was not up and running.
Set IP to xxx.xxx.x.5. Same as last 2 job with this AV comp.
Came back a few days latter when house wifi is up.
Load program and go for transfer. Ra says repeater online. Click save setting and it goes off line.
At this point not sure if it's my new win8.1 laptop and firewalls. Disable firewalls. Still same.
Load old laptop. Still the same. Tell the AV guy(AV owner) on site. He says must be my system and gets tired of waiting and leaves.
Many more tries and power cycling the main. No changes. Call main lead guy for AV comp. Tells me that IP is in use.
Tried to change IP. Can't get Ra to see rep.
He gives me access to wifi login. Turned on multicast. Still no go.
Plugged repteater into laptop. Updated no problem to new IP .4.
Plugged rep back into house wifi. Have access through comp but not androids or telnet or firefox.
Called tech support somewhere in there but not much help.

On site today with lead AV tech. He confirms telnet not working. Telnet says lutron/integration invalid login. Can log in with lutron/lutron.
Checked all settings and nothing blocked.
Android still not working
A couple of transfers for home owner requested changes.
Try telnet again. Says main is in safe mode. Checked main. No red lights blinking.
Close telnet. Go do other things for about 10min. Try phones again and all is working. Crestron is working.
No clue why.

So, what I found out.
1 since his xxx.xxx.x.5 overrides mine I could not find rep. Plugging into laptop fixed it.
2 Sonicwall turns off multicast as default. Turning on fixed it after #1 was fixed.
3 Turned McAfee firewall back on. Connection to rep still working
4 Don't now why it was in safe mode or what fixed it.

I now have a set list with AV company. Same IP .4 and phantom keypad ID and engraving/programing