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Thread: garbage disposal switch recommendation

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    garbage disposal switch recommendation

    I'm looking for a recommendation on a Maestro style switch for an under sink 1/3HP garbage disposal. I want the same style as my current RRD switches but don't need any wireless control.


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    I am surprised this question has gone unanswered for so long. Perhaps this is because Lutron has not given us a great solution. Some garbage disposal units might have low enough current demands to be switched by a Maestro switch MA-S8AM, but be advised this switch is only rated for 3A fan/motor duty. I suspect most high-end homes will have higher capacity disposers. The obvious solution is a Diva styled mechanical switch, but a Diva switch next to a Maestro tap paddle sometimes is not the most aesthetically pleasing. You might look at a legacy Lutron product: Lyneo LX-1PSL. It is rated for 1 HP motor loads, but as a legacy product, it might not be readily available in the color you need. Please post if you find a better solution.

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