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Thread: Sonicwall and multicast

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    Sonicwall and multicast

    Any experience with sonicwall on RA2 systems?
    Network guys a not on site or available and not familiar with multicast and Ra2 on this router.
    I have access to the sonicwall interface and have enabled multicast but still no go. Don't know if I need to make a rule for RA2 or not.
    Called tech support. Not much help. About all I got from him was sonicwall is tricky.

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    Hello MitchE
    Sonicwalls can be tricky. I assume that you have a TZ series and the Repeater is plugged directly into the sonicwall as well as your programming PC. I also assume that you went into the firewall section and turned on the multicast support in that section. You will also have to go to your interfaces and edit your LAN (default) interface, on the advanced tab you will also see an option to enable multicast for this interface. You do not (cannot) do this on port shield interfaces. That should fix your multicast issue on the local network. Another way around this is to put a switch in place between all the devices.


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