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Thread: Legacy RA and LED

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    Question Legacy RA and LED

    Just moved into a house with the legacy RA system (RA-6D..etc.) and would like to switch to LED bulbs. I don't specifically see the RA-6D devices on the Dimmable Compatibility list. Will LED work in legacy RA switches/dimmers? Any issues or risks I should be aware of using LED on the Legacy RA system?

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    Good afternoon Scratch0man,

    We do have a very few solutions for the original Radio RA system, however the control that we recommend would be the RA-5NE. If you visit you can generate a list of compatible LED products for all of our LED rated controls. Once here, in the Lutron control menu select Radio RA Dimmer and click search. After the page reloads scroll down to view all the compatible LEDs. When you click on any of the LED model numbers it will open a report that displays all the compatible Lutron dimmers, the amount of LED's they are rated to control and the dimming range you will experience.

    You can try testing out LED's on your current controls, but if you notice any misbehavior(flickering, flashing, not dimming, no turning off, etc.) we would recommend removing the LED's and going back to the bulbs that you had just replaced.

    If changing out the dimmer is not an option, we would suggest keeping the lights to incandescent or halogen styles. In the event that you can change the dimmer, and upgrading to Radio RA 2 was an option, the newer system has several pages worth of compatible LEDs that we show on this selection tool.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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