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Thread: Programming a WPM in QS

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    Programming a WPM in QS

    I have new project and we do not have enough room for a 3rd PNL-5 so we are going to use 4 LQR-WPM-6P instead. I am curious to know how they work as far as programming and assigning zones to them etc. Any help is appreciated

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    The WPM zones are assigned in a similar way to the RPM loads, except the WPM is in the Design/Controls screen, not the Design/Equipment screen.
    The WPM is a 'forward phase only' device.
    It can be addressed on either a wired QS link or an RF link.
    It has the same 2000W max per unit limit that the RPM-4U has.

    The specification sheet can be found here:

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