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Thread: 6NA vs 6CL vs 10ND vs HxD-6ND?

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    6NA vs 6CL vs 10ND vs HxD-6ND?

    How different are these units? I know the HxD6ND obviously is a HomeWorks product, but I use it for comparison.

    As an example, the link below says that the RRD-10ND, RRD-6CL, HxD-6ND LQRJ-WPM-6P should work, but no 6NA is listed. Is this deliberate, and why would a 6NA not work when a 6CL would? Would Lutron simply not have tested this unit or would they have tested it and found it to fail?

    I have six of these BR30 that work well with a 6NA I've heard some say that the performance of the 6NA with dimming is just a bit better than for the 6CL, while I've heard others say the 10ND would be better. I would like to know the fundamentals of what's going on here. 6NA aside, when all the items show up in the LED tool, would someone always go for the lowest cost item that's on the list (provided you use the appropriate loading).

    I know this isn't the first similar thread, but I'm still confused and would be happy to take a RR2 online course on this if available.

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    Good afternoon schalliol,

    Each of the dimming controls that you have listed have a different construction and circuit topology. Even though they provide the same type of dimming signal, their internal differences will result in a unique dimming performance even we hooked up to the same LED product. Unfortunately when it comes to dimming LED's, you cannot take the results of one control and assume you will equal or better performance from another. In order to gaurantee compatibility we have to test each dimming control to determine if we can recommend them for each LED report card we provide on our website.

    The RRD-6NA and HxD-6NA were tested for compatibility with this LED, however based upon the results, we are unable to recommend the use of this dimmer with this specific LED product. In the event that you are locked into this LED, we would recommend installing one of the dimming controls that we have listed on the report card for this LED. For the most up to date and accurate Lutron LED compatibility information, always visit

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    I have a bunch of LED12BR30D41K bulbs too, also hooked to 6NA, and they work fine. I wonder what exactly techs at Lutron found that prevented them from recommending this combination.

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