I thought I would post this in case anyone else came across this issue.

I have a client whose system is maintained with Designer 7.3.0. Over the last few weeks, I've been doing a few tweaks to his system, mainly adding some scenes and adjusting the dimming levels; this entailed several uploads/transfers. Some of the programming in this system has a sunset time clock event to start an automatic sequence to close some shades and a sunrise time clock event that starts another automatic sequence to open them; no changes to these time clock events took place during the recent changes.

The other day the client called me and said his shades were not working properly; they would open/close at random times or not even open/close as programmed. I reviewed the programming and confirmed it did not change with the recent edits and was the same as before, which worked fine. I sent the project to Lutron tech support which reviewed the project and they felt the programming was correct.

On a whim, I transferred the same project to the processor but checked the "force full transfer" option. Since that point in time, the shades open/close properly as programmed.

I mentioned this data point to Tech Support about how things started to function properly after this transfer and their reply was:

Unfortunately, we would not be able to determine with 100% accuracy why they began working correctly after a full transfer. We could assume a full transfer correctly updated the presets on the devices controlled by the timeclock, or the full transfer compiled the event correctly in the processor when it could have been done partially before.

so the end result that I took away from this experience is that if you feel your programming is correct but not functioning properly or that programming that once worked and now doesn't when it was not changed, try the "force full transfer" option if you didn't initially use it, this *might* get things working properly for you.