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Thread: Hub dilemma

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    Hub dilemma


    I have several Caseta devices installed and I am trying to make them "smart".

    1) I want the Pico remote to control Philips Hue light bulbs (ON/OFF and intensity). As far as I understood, this can only done using the Staples Connect D-Link and without using Lutron Smart Bridge.

    2) I want the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home to control Caseta in-wall dimmers (using standard non-connected bulbs). This can be done connecting the Harmony Hub to the Lutron Smart Bridge.

    My dilemma is that as far as I understood, I cannot pair Caseta devices to 2 hubs at the same time (Staples Connect and Lutron Smart Bridge).

    Are there any configurations allowing to achieve #1 and #2 at the same time? I guess I could pair the Pico remotes to the Staples Connect and the in-wall dimmers to the Smart Bridge. But then, I can't have any master nor a centralized place/app to control them all.

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    Hi, Any recommendation on my dilemna?

    I really want to control Philips Hue with my Caseta wall/remote dimmers. Along with controlling the Caseta units from the Logitech Harmony.


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    Not sure if this would meet your needs:
    Use Caseta on/off switch to control power on/off to the Hues (I understand that you cannot reliably use a dimmer switch) - connect to lutron hub so that you can power on and off from the switch or the Harmony. Use hue Tap switch for remote wall switches to control the hues from the wall or use the harmony to control the hues remotely. Don't use the pico at all.

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