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Thread: Transmitter for VCRX

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    Transmitter for VCRX

    I was trying to program a transmitter (and then use that to program homeland buttons in a car) to a VCRX, but I could not seem to get the VCRX to learn the buttons on Chamberlain universal garage door remote that I had in my car (the 953EV seen here: Is it possible for the VCRX to learn buttons on third party transmitters or does it only work with the Lutron visor control transmitters?

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    I've heard it can learn HomeLink buttons, but I've never tried it. Usually, I use the LR3BHSW to "learn" to the VCRX, then use the LR3BHSW to teach the other system. The 953EV does not appear to be a HomeLink transmitter, so the VCRX will not be able to learn commands from it.
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    Just wanted to circle back and confirm that yes, once I got the LR3BHSW I was easily able to program it to the scenes on the VCRX and then I was able to use the LR3BHSW to program the homelink buttons in my car. Took about 5 minutes.

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