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Thread: Pairing combos. Please confirm my assessments.

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    Pairing combos. Please confirm my assessments.


    I've read many online documentation about pairing Lutron devices. I just wanted to recap them all here and confirm some assumptions. Please correct me if I am inaccurate.

    1) More than one Pico remote can be paired with a single in-wall/lamp dimmer.
    2) A Pico remote cannot be paired with 2 different in-wall/lamp dimmer units.
    3) in-wall/lamp dimmers cannot be paired together. Only Pico remotes can be paired with a dimmer.
    5) Pico remotes and in wall dimmers cannot be paired with more than 1 hub. AKA: It is either Lutron Smart Bridge, Wink, Staples Connect, but not 2 of them at the same time.

    Thank you in advance for your insights.


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    Hi - I am doing the installation this weekend and I would really appreciate if someone could confirm my understanding of the Caseta pairing outlined above. Especially #1 & #2.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Numbers 1, 3, and 5 are correct.

    Number 2 is incorrect. You can pair Pico remotes to control multiple devices (ideal for master on/off control).

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    Thanks Eric.

    I am pleased to learn that I can pair a Pico remote with multiples devices.

    On Sunday I'll be installing in my condo:
    # 2 in-wall dimmers
    # 2 lamp dimmers
    # 10 wall mounted pico remotes.

    I won't use any hub for now (still debating).

    I am pretty thrilled about the installation. I'll report on it.

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