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Thread: Stop the buzzing

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    Stop the buzzing

    I installed 6 Lutron MACL-153MR-WH dimmers. Everything went fine and all the dimmers work as expected. My current setup is this:

    1. bathroom 1: 7 recessed Cree LEDs (no hum)
    2. bathroom 2: 4 60W incandescent (lots of hum)
    3. dining (with companion dimmer): 5 60W incandescent (lots of hum on 4 bulbs, no hum on bulb 5)
    4. kitchen (with companion dimmer): 4 halogen 75W recessed (no hum)
    5. kitchen 2: 3 60W incandescent (lots of hum)
    6. sink: 3 halogen (no hum)

    In the places where there is humming I tried swapping the bulbs with these LEDs (which all hummed at least as bad as the incandescent):


    I checked the LED manufacturers' web site and they said the Lutron dimmer was compatible with their bulbs. What am I missing here? I don't want to have to replace and return 8 dimmers to get rid of this humming. Is there a bulb I haven't considered that won't hum? At this point I'm open to any type of bulb.
    I should also mention the 20 year old dial dimmers that were previously in place didn't cause the exact same incandescent bulbs to hum.

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    Please point me to Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. where I can buy any type of standard bulb that won't hum with these dimmers.

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    Pete F.
    Thank you for your post and we understand the frustration over the humming issues that you are experiencing. Our dimmers dim by use of a triac. This part turns the lights on and off 120 times per second. This can cause the filament inside an incandescent bulb to vibrate, resulting in the hum you are experiencing. Typically, incandescent bulbs have 2 posts which hold up the filament, however, there are certain manufacturers of bulbs that also use a 3 post, in the middle of the filament, that helps to reduce or eliminate the hum. I would check with one of the big 3 bulb manufacturers (Philips, GE, Sylvania)

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