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Thread: How to rename a processor in QS 7.4?

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    How to rename a processor in QS 7.4?

    I am working in Homeworks QS 7.4 and I am looking for a way to rename a processor. I can name the room, I can name the panel, but the actual processor in the panels are named "Processor 1", "Processor 2", etc. This is problematic because I have 5 rooms in a job that have multiple processors each, and having 5 "Processor 1"s is asking for problems. Is it possible to rename them? And how?

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    It is not possible to rename them, just the panel and path. Thank you for this feedback.

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    I would like to bring this topic to the top again.
    I am a german Lutron programmer and newbie. I have the some problem with multiple processors in multiple cabinets and I am using 9.2 and there is still no way to rename processors, or?
    It woult be very much appreciated to add this feature.


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    Sorry. The best you can do is give the panel holding the processors a custom name

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