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Thread: Keypad Button LEDs Tracking Different HVAC Scenes

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    Keypad Button LEDs Tracking Different HVAC Scenes

    Attached is a sample file programmed with the application described below for the HVAC scene buttons.

    For each keypad that will control the multiple HVAC zones, we create a variable. In our file, we called the one variable “HVAC keypad 1”. The states for this keypad will depend on the number of scenes that it will have, each state will have a button’s LED be on or off. We just made the states have the same name as the button names. Only one button will have its LED on at a time on this keypad.

    The keypad buttons are made as conditional buttons. For example, button 74-76 Its first action is called “LED On Variable” and has just the variable HVAC KP 1 going to state 74-76. This preset is not used on a press, but rather the LED Logic is set to scene based on the LED On Variable Preset. Meaning, anytime the variable is set to “74-76”, this button’s LED will be on. The other buttons’ led on this keypad will not be on as the keypad only has 1 variable tracking its LED states. There is another preset called HVACs to 74-76. This preset also has the variable going to state 74-76, and also does the necessary programming with the HVAC zones; we just have them going to setpoints 74 - 76. This preset is what we call on the Press tab for the button. As this press sets the variable to 74-76, its button turns on and not the other buttons, because the variable state has to change from one to the other.

    The other buttons are programmed similarly, but with their own variable states and actions.
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