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Thread: Main Repeater Integration ID

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    Lightbulb Main Repeater Integration ID

    Trying to trigger phantom buttons from RTI control system. Need the Integration ID of my main repeater to be at 1. It is currently at 10. I am told by RTI that it can be changed in the Inclusive software which I am using, but can't seem to find it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    From the Inclusive software, go to Settings/Integration/IDs and change the ID (you may need to change whatever is currently set to "1" to a higher number first, and then set your main repeater to "1")

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    Actually, just as long as your phantom id is 1 in the RTI software, the main repeater can stay at 10. It is just that if it is at 10, you probably have to change whatever is on 1 now any way so you can put the phantom there so you might as well just put the repeater there. Or, do it in the Inclusive. My house, I was lazy and that is why I know it works. My clients get it at 1 just to make it easy for anyone who digs in down the road.

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