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Thread: Partitioning in HomeWorksQS

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    Thanks Armando. I think I may of figured it. Will test tomorrow on site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig W. View Post
    Attached is a project file using partitioning that has 3 rooms and 2 walls. Any device that provides a dry contact closure can be used to detect if the partitions are opened or closed.
    I know this is old but what if there was 4 rooms and 4 walls? I mean 4 smaller rooms can break into two bigger rooms or into 1 even bigger room how would I go about that?

    Any help would be great, I just completed the homeworks training course last week and this has me stumped

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    Does this still work in HWQS 12.0? I'm not seeing it.
    Phil Scheetz
    Lighting Control Solutions

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    Hello pscheetz,
    The partition programming is still there. Add 2 child areas to any area then go to the top area to add the partitioned wall.

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