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Thread: Proper Scene Control

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    Proper Scene Control

    Hey all,
    So I think I am missing something when I am setting up my systems. As I set up my scenes, Welcome, Dining, Entertaining etc... When I switch from one scene to another I notice the LEDs on the Scene buttons from the previous scense stay on. For example, top button is welcome, and second button is entertain. Although there are variations in the levels they are different scenes and the LED indicators for both remain on. I know it is probably something simple I am missing in the set up but I can't put my finger on it. I would expect if one scene is on that when you switch to the next it would shut the previous one off. Although I guess it could involve scenes that encompass different areas of the home so you'd want both on but what, or how do I control it in the event I don't?

    Thanks for any and all help. I hope I explained this well enough.


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    How did you set up the scene buttons?

    If its a toggle/room control than the LED will stay lit if any light is on in the scene, and hitting the button when the led is on will turn off the room.

    If its a scene button then the LED will stay lit as long as none of the lights in that scene change. Could well be the case that you have two scenes with overlapping light settings...

    check out this link that explains the different button/led types:

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    Okay, That is probably it, I have a mix of toggle buttons and overlapping scenes. At least that makes sense.
    Thanks for the help. But to confirm, If I had one scene on, and the next scene didn't specifically say to turn those lights in that previous scene to off, they would turn off or would they be left on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike McDougall View Post
    But to confirm, If I had one scene on, and the next scene didn't specifically say to turn those lights in that previous scene to off, they would turn off or would they be left on?
    If the next scene doesn't involve the lights in the first scene, then the lights in the first scene will be unaffected. Scene buttons only affect the lights they are programmed to change.

    This makes a lot more sense when you think of scenes in the context of a whole house. You turn on the relax scene in the master bath, that shouldn't change the lights in the kitchen. There is no concept in Lutron's software of a certain region or room that is controlled by the scene buttons... just specific lights...

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    Okay, that makes sense, So if my relax scene has no reason to have the kitchen lights on, I would specifically have to ask that scene to shut them off. If they then needed the kitchen lights on they would chose the scene control that would involve that series of lights. I think I am understanding this a little more now. The last few systems I have programmed I have no input from the owners which makes it a little more difficult. Thanks for the help.

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