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Thread: Caseta ON/OFF Switch and normal toggle switch

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    Caseta ON/OFF Switch and normal toggle switch

    I have wired a caseta pd5ws-dv and an existing 3 way toggle in accordance with the advanced install instructions (pages 10-12) using the jumper wire method shown there. The Caseta switch works but the existing toggle does not do anything. Are these instructions correct? What have I missed. I do note that the wiring on the Caseta switch using this method is different than if you use a pico remote (blue wire is used).

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I know this is an old thread with no answer, but I have the same issue. The toggle switch flickers the light very quickly but does turn it on or off. The Caseta switch works properly but not the toggle. Is this the normal expected behavior?

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    This means you probably have either the hot wire on the wrong post or the traveler wires wrong. The traveler wires should be on the brass and the power on the dark screw. Then your jumper should be between the black traveler and the hot wire on the black screw.

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    Thank you, about ten minutes after posting we realized the jumper was on the wrong screw on the switch. Works beautifully now, just how I wanted it.


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