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Thread: HomeWorks QS Hotkeys and Shortucts

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    Post HomeWorks QS Hotkeys and Shortucts

    I was hoping to use this post as a way to reveal the Hotkeys and Shortcuts built into HWQS. Perhaps a running list can be posted in this thread to fully reveal the hidden keys in an effort to speed up programming. Put down anything you know, even simple things like F2 for renaming a selected item.

    Adam Owens

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    Great idea, Adam. Thanks for the post!

    I use one "non-standard" keypad combination with the HomeWorks QS software, myself:
    From the Design, Program, Activate, and Diagnostics screens, you can use CTRL+<number> to navigate through the various tasks of each tab.
    For example, in the "Design" tab, pressing the combo CTRL+3 will bring you to the "Design Shades" screen in version 5.1.0.

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    You can use the tab key on any screen to focus on certain elements. Shift+Tab will cycle your focus backwards.
    For example, in the "Program" tab, pressing the tab key and placing your focus on the device location you can hit enter to scroll through the devices.
    Also in other areas you can use the navigational arrows to select other items that are in your area of focus such as changing the button type.

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    One I learned the other day Ctrl-Shift F5 to select target device type for firmware uploads - I am probably the last person to find this out though!

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    Be careful with the Ctrl-Shift F5 one...if Tech Support didn't direct you to update your device firmware, updating could add a lot of headaches (not to mention some significant wait time, depending on the device type). This isn't a case of "newer must be better"...

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    Completely agree - am not one to upgrade f/ware unless it is necessary / recommended

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