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Thread: QS Wireless Shade Dead?

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    QS Wireless Shade Dead?

    I have a QS wireless unit (non-battery powered) that when activated in RA2, went down about 1/4 of the way, and then stopped (almost like it stalled). After activation, the shade started to move down with an RA2 command, and quit about 3/4 of the way down. The shade then quit responding.

    After powering down the shade, and powering it back up, the shade would not respond to RA2 commands. I used the manual shade buttons on the EDU (the drive itself), and hit the open button - the shade then started to go back up about 10%, and then stopped. Now it won't function at all. There's zero lights on the wireless receiver, and there's no lights on the EDU. I don't even get lights when it powers on. It doesn't respond to RA2 commands, or to direct presses of the buttons on the drive.

    I used a multi-meter, and checked power at the harness, and it's getting the expected voltage and amperage (so it's getting power to the harness). I'm thinking that the EDU is bad - is there anything else that can be done prior to going down the route of replacing the EDU? I tried resetting the EDU, but I'm expecting the unit to blink after holding down the buttons for 8 seconds, and it does seems dead...

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    The next step would be to call Tech Support at 800-523-9466 (24/7) when you are in front of the shade. They will go over the troubleshooting you have done, confirm what happens when trying a few more presses. Then we will assign a case number and arrange for replacement if necessary.

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    Yeah. Tech support would be the way to go. They'll have you factory default it, then if that doesn't work, they'll issue a replacement. Do not delay doing this. Replacements could take a week or two to receive. I had this occur with drapery track motors. The motor pulled from the box didn't work properly. Same situation where it worked when it wanted to and was wonky even when we weren't controlling it. I was in a serious time crunch at that point because the shades/drapery are the last things to be installed at the jobsite.. ended up taking a little over a week to receive the replacement motor. I've installed competitor brands and I'll tell ya, Lutron does make the easiest shades to install and program. The quality is also top notch. I'll take the headaches here and there for that reason.

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