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Thread: so an integrator walks into a house.....

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    Question so an integrator walks into a house.....

    I received a call from a potential (new) client and he tells me he bought a 14k sq foot house with what looks like Lutron lighting and wants to know if I can come by. So I go over there and he has 22 dimmers on a classic RA system. I go over/through his house from attic to basement and all I can locate is a RA-RS232 interface. I tried all on/off from there and all of the lights work as they should. For the life of me, I can not find a/the main repeater (or is it a master controller?) anywhere.

    I've never worked with classic RA before so I'm hoping someone can help me with:

    1. Can a classic RA system function with just the RA-RS232 interface or does it need the main repeater/master controller?

    2. If a main repeater/master controller is required, how the heck can I locate it? Seriously, I spent hours trying to find it and could not locate it anywhere; is there a way to make it beep or something else (catch on fire or glow) to help ID it?

    3. Client would like some scenes; it appears that there are keypads available for classic RA so that should be ok. But how does one map the dimmers so that I know what dimmer goes to what load? If I understand the protocol, each control (dimmer/switch) has an do I map that ID so I can assign it to a scene?

    thanks for any/all help

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    You manually assign dimmers to each kp button and then dimmer levels to each button for those assigned dimmers. A real PITA, a lot of leg work running around and god forbid others are working at the site cuz as you're assigning everything assigned turns off unless in part of the scene being worked on.

    I have some RA stuff still if needed, RA-IR, RA-IO, dimmers, kps, lamp dimmers, etc.

    As far as I remember the RA-RS232 just interfaces and has scene you can control via 232 but I haven't used one in years and my brain is shot.
    Danbury, CT

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