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Thread: How do I tell what dimmer I have?

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    Question How do I tell what dimmer I have?

    I have dimmers that look a lot like the Lutron Grafik.

    We had been using incandescent bulbs but want to move to LED bulbs but getting this information is proving to be surprisingly difficult.

    I guess the first question is
    1) How do I tell what model I have?

    2) Once I have this, I was planning on going to see what types of LED bulbs (A19 and GU10) they support.

    I've already bought some LED bulbs

    but this doesn't shut off when the dimmer is off.

    Any ideas on how to tell which model I have so that I can further research the supported LED bulbs.


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    We have two dimming controls with Grafik in there name.

    The Grafik Eye is a larger multi zone control that will fit into a 2, 3 or 4 gang box depending upon the model you have. You can find it's model number if you remove the face plate. It is located towards the middle of the unit on a white label.

    If you have the Grafik Eye we would suggest visiting in order to generate a list of compatible LED products. Once here select Gafik Eye form the Lutron Control menu, select the bulb type from the Fixture/Bulb menu and then click search. After the page reloads, scroll down and you will see compatible LED products of the select bulb type that are compatible with your control. If you click on any of the LED model numbers it will open a report. This report will display all the compatible controls, the number of LED's they are rated to control and the dimming range you will experience.

    The Grafik T, a new single gang dimming control that has a light bar to adjust the light level. The model umber of this control can be found on the back of the dimming control.

    If you have the Grafik T we would suggest visiting for a list of compatible LED products.

    Also, in regards to the TCP RLAO1827 LED OMNI A21 LED you have installed, at this time Lutron has not conducted any compatibility testing on this product. Without test data we are unable to recommend a dimmer since we cannot guarantee the performance that you will experience with our controls. In the event that you are locked into this LED we would suggest contacting TCP and asking them for a list of compatible dimming controls. If selecting a differ LED product is an option we would suggest following the above steps.

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    You can check in Lutron website for Lutron Grafik compatible led lights.

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