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Thread: Inventronics LED Driver compaibility (Leading Edge/Trailing Edge) and RRD-6NA

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    Inventronics LED Driver compaibility (Leading Edge/Trailing Edge) and RRD-6NA

    Has anyone tried to dim an Inventronics Driver #LLC-012S070RSP Driver with an RRD-6NA dimmer? I use this dimmer (phase adaptive) as my GO-TO dimmer because it can dim forward and Reverse phase, however it does NOT work with the driver listed above. Funny thing is that the cut sheet on the driver says that it is 0-100% Triac dimming. It is a constant current driver and my load is about 15 watts.

    Is it possible that a dimmer (either forward OR reverse phase) WITHOUT a neutral connection would solve my problem?


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    At this point in time Lutron has not conducted any compatibility testing on the Inventronic Driver that you are inquiring about. Without test data we are unable to recommend a dimmer since we cannot guarantee the performance that you will experience with our controls.

    A neutral based dimming control will normally perform better than a non-neutral based control, however this is not a 100% guarantee that a neutral based control will always be compatible. Inventronics does have a list of dimming controls that they recommend, but there are no Radio RA2 controls listed. We would suggest contacting Inventronics and asking if they have tested and can recommend a RA2 control. If they cannot and if you are locked into this Driver, we would suggest a RA2 switch as long as dimming is not critical at this location.

    Also, when using the RRD-6NA, have you locked the control into forward phase through the software? More often than not, the RRD-6NA will auto select reverse phase when controlling LED products.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Thanks so much, Matt. I believe i will attempt locking the dimmer into forward phase before i remove it (it is located up in the ceiling). My thought is that since the driver and the dimmer both have the capacity to auto-select either forward OR reverse phase control, they are confusing each other.

    I think this because the combination worked the first time after they were installed, then quit working.

    My next option might be just a simple forward phase RRD-6D.

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