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Thread: Leds dim fine but flicker on highest settings

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    Leds dim fine but flicker on highest settings

    I have several Maestro dimmers purchased 25 years ago. They are in several rooms in my house and have worked flawlessly with 3,4,5,6 and 8 60-watt bulbs and 3 or 4 remote locations.
    I recently (today) upgraded the 4 lights in my kitchen to LEDs, Commercial Electric from Home Depot, SKU#1000739619 (UPC#046335960640). They are great lights, very bright. The manual warns that "the number of LED modules installed on the circuit can affect dimming performance". And in fact it does. With 3 fixtures, performance seems to be fine. With 4 fixtures, performance is fine except on the two highest settings, the lights flash on and off. We may be able to live with this. However, the manual recommends Lutron Diva DVCL-153P. Would performance be any different with this dimmer? Should I upgrade to the newer product and would the wiring be the same?

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    Pete F.
    david, thank you for your post. A big issue that we face, when dimming LEDs, is that there is no industry standard for how they are manufactured. They are all made differently and, therefore, will react differently to the different dimming signals that dimmers create. The dimmers you are using are only rated and designed to control incandescent and halogen bulbs. However, we do perform compatibility testing on LEDs with our controls. After searching our test reports, we have not tested the specific Commercial Electric LEDs that you are using. Because of this, we would not be able to guarantee dimming performance with any of our dimmers. In a situation like this, we suggest following the LED manufacturer's recommendations or selecting LEDs that do appear on our LED Product Selection Tool, as this LEDs have been tested with our controls and we would be able to stand behind the performance. If you do choose to try the DVCL-153P, the wiring will be the same.

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