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Thread: LED On For Only One Button When a Specific Show is Running

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    LED On For Only One Button When a Specific Show is Running

    We have had some applications where pulsed CCO outputs trigger a light show. On many of these applications, the goal would be for each button to trigger a show, and have the LED on while the show is running. We have made some variable and conditional programming with this application. We are using a pool show here with pulsed CCO outputs and a phantom button keypad. There also needed to be a maintained CCO to ensure the shows could run.

    We have a QSE-IO with thee CCOs only: A maintained one to start and stop the pool fountain, and two pulsed CCOs for show 1 and show 2.

    We also have a variable called “Pool Show”. Its default state is “Off”, and it has other states “Pool Show 1” and “Pool Show 2”.

    On the phantom keypad, the first button is to toggle the maintained CCO from closed to open. When it is on the open state (press off tab), the variable is also set to Off so all LEDs will be off.

    The other buttons are conditionals. For example, pool show 1: Its first action is called “LED On” and has just the variable Pool Show going to state Pool Show1. This preset is not used on a press, but rather the LED Logic is set to scene based on the LED On Preset. Meaning, anytime the variable is set to “Pool Show 1”, this button’s LED will be on. There is another preset called Pool Show 1. This preset has the variable going to Pool Show 1, it ensure the pool show maintained CCO is closed, and that the pool show 1 pulsed CCO pulses for a second. This preset is what we call on the Press tab for the button. As this press sets the variable to Show 1, its button turns on and not the other button, because the variable state has to change from one to the other. Pool button 2 is programmed almost the same way, except it uses the variable Pool Show 2 and the CCO for pool show 2.
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