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Thread: Timeclock Status Help

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    Timeclock Status Help

    Hi Lutron
    I am messing around with different ways to allow the client to have different exterior timeclock events based on whether or not they are entertaining.
    Right now I'm trying to do it with 2 different timeclocks, each enabled or disabled by keypad button presses.
    I won't pretend it's really worked out, or even the right way to do it, but here are 3 challenges I've run into so far:
    #1- timeclock status. I'd like a terminal command that lets me query which timeclocks are enabled, which are disabled.
    #2- timeclock enable/disable presets. Right now I can enable, disable, or disable at timeclock till end of day. I'd like to have the ability to disable a timeclock until sunrise, or sunset, things like that.
    #3- post upload programming. I'd like to be able to set some timeclocks on, some off, after an upload.

    I've seen other users come up with creative workarounds like fake keypads that monitor each timeclock that also allows them to enable and disable. This would address #1 and #3. I've used a sequence to try to workaround #2 but it's not very elegant or bulletproof.

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    Thank you for this feedback.

    To determine the timeclock status, you can have a keypad button simply toggle the timeclock from enable/disable. If the LED logic is scene, the keypad LED can be an indication on whether the timeclock is enabled or disabled.
    To enable a timeclock event until a specifc time, you can make all timeclock events on this time clock conditionals and have them depend on a variable. Add a variable, and have a separate timeclock toggle this variable from one state to another on the time of your choosing. For your timeclock with conditional events, it could run like "If variable is Enabled, run event xxx". This could pair along with enabling / disabling the timeclock from a keypad as well.

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    I typically use variables and conditional control to do stuff like this vs. enable/disable. When "Entertain" is pressed, I'll set a variable called "Entertain Active" to "Active". Then run a conditional on the "normal" Landscape Off, for example. "If Entertain Active Is Not Active" Execute "Landscape Off". I'll typically set "Entertain Active" to "Inactive" on the Goodnight button, or a Cleanup button, etc. Or you could reset it on a subsequent timeclock event.

    As far as disabling a timeclock until sunrise, just setup a timeclock event at sunrise to enable it.

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    Thank you for the comments on this thread. Please be aware, you cannot directly enable and disable a time clock from another timeclock's event. This is why we recommend a time-clock event triggers variables controlling conditional timeclock events from a separate time clock.

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